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Lonestar Pineapple Photography is devoted to capturing the beautiful and timeless moments in your life.


I'M Crystal! coffee addict, PHOTOGRAPHER, AND FRIEND

welcome, friend

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"Crystal is the best photographer ever! She is so awesome, talented and took the time out to get to know my family! She is incredibly patient with my daughter and that was so important to me.  She even made my feel comfortable in my own skin!"

chris and roxanne

"Crystal's ability to see the value and beauty in people's everyday sets her photography apart. She puts people at ease with her smile and laughter and captures moments not just pictures"

winsor family

"Emily had so much fun taking pictures! We warned Crystal in advance that pigs are stubborn animals. She experienced exactly what that meant but we just went with it (and may have bribed the pigs with cookies). So fun! i love all the pictures!"

jeff & andrea